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Public Hearing on Catail and 7 lakes trail. July 31 at @ 6:00PM Unity School. Signup to speak begins@ 5:45. This one of the most important meetings that needs to be attended!! You need to attend and wear your bright colored shirts like before. Let your voice be heard. You need to sign up and let the panel know you are in favor of multi-purpose trails in Polk County.  Short and Sweet!!

The Amery snowmobile clubs annual Teddy Roosevelt Vintage ride and show with a Trail side cook out fund raiser was a great time by all 32 in attendance. 

Looking forward to next years ride with more classes trophies we may even have a grudge match or call out short track arm drop drag racing ??? See you all Next year 

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Welcome to the Amery snowmobile clubs annual Teddy Roosevelt Vintage ride and show with a Trail side cook out fund raiser.

This event is open to anyone with a snowmobile Old or New model 1950’s to 2018

Staging and registration for the ride and people’s choice award will take place at the head of the cattail trail down town Amery (behind the fire station). Plenty of parking for trailers. Winner of the people’s choice will be announced at the cook out site.

We are asking that every one that would like participate in this event to pre-register on our web site or for more details visit  for meal count purposes. Fees will be collected at event site registration table.

The details:  March 3rd 2018 Planned 28 mile loop, cook out location 8.5 miles away Fresh groomed trail for ride.

People’s choice, meal registration or Riders $10.00   per rider per person or any year sled

Set up staging and voting time is 8:30 am to 11  

Trail ride starts at 11

Trail side cookout starts at noon with Burgers Brats Hot dog’s chips Drinks  

People’s choice award ride to continue after lunch.  







Welcome to the Amery Snowmobile Club

Attention all Snowmobilers! The Polk county snowmobile council has made some changes. We have divided Polk county into 4 zones. Please visit our Trail cam Trail condition page to see zone map and which are open or closed. if your are out riding and find a closed gate DO NOT OPEN THEM or RIDE AROUND IT there is a reason for it

The Amery Snowmobile  Club is proud to maintain snowmobile trails in the southern Polk County in Wisconsin

The Amery Snowmobile Club is a member of the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) and
the Polk County, WI Snowmobile & ATV Club

The land our trails are on are privately owned.  These land owners have been kind enough to allow us to build these trails across their property.  This permission is for the use of the trails only.  Please stay on them.
THANKS to all our land owners!!

Hot Off The Pipe News



Stower Seven Lakes State Trail aka Amery to Dresser

              We have been working on adding this section of abandoned railway to our trail system since the tracks were removed in 1998. After the right of way was purchased by Wisconsin Polk County began the process of partnering with the State for trail management and developing a comprehensive Master Plan for shared use.

              At the same time a relatively small but vocal group decided that this trail should not be shared. They began protesting county efforts as soon as it became apparent the new trail might have to be shared. They were known as the “Friends of the L.O.G.G. (Lincoln, Osceola Garfield Greenway)”

              Lawsuits have served to effectively prevent us from adding this valuable connector to our snowmobile trail system since the Master Plan was completed and approved in 2004.

              In 2017 legislative action at the State level was completed which removed the roadblock preventing snowmobile use brought on by the last lawsuit.

              The Wisconsin DNR determined the time was proper to renew the trail management agreement with Polk County and update the Master Plan. Polk County and the DNR have been in contact to insure all of the proper steps are being followed. The visionaries on our Polk County Board also see the untapped Tourism potential in this as a shared use trail and are bound by the Polk County Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2009 with an Economic Development vision that focuses on developing Tourism opportunities.

              The past 13 years have given the current trail users ample opportunity to demonstrate how denying some trail uses has benefitted our community. While there have been a handful of users from outside our locale, the majority of current users remain local and their economic impact on our communities remains minimal. They are still actively opposed to sharing this valuable state owned trail with anyone else. Today they are known as the “Friends of the Stower Seven Lakes State Trail”.

What is the issue, really?

Why has the “Friends” group chosen to do everything it can to prevent the establishment of the shared use trail envisioned and approved by the Polk County Board in 2004?

A committee of Polk County citizens spent an entire year conducting meetings and public hearings, developing the Master Plan for the trail which was approved by the County Board and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The opponents (” Friends of the L.O.G.G. “)to sharing this valuable State owned asset went to work immediately to prevent the trail from being enjoyed by those who had worked so hard to develop the plan that the majority accepted and approved. Their opposition continues today (“Friends of the Stower Seven Lakes State Trail”).

This year Polk County has been given an opportunity to update that old Master Plan and renew its agreement to manage the trail with the DNR.

A recent change to the statutory definition of allowable uses on State Trails has made snowmobilers hopeful that we could add this valuable link to our existing system of interconnected snowmobile trails as was envisioned so many years ago.

There have been some “Friends” group members who claim to have no objections to snowmobile use, unless it occurs on this particular trail.

The latest lawsuit (shall we say frivolous?) filed against Polk County, on the 9th of November 2017, is one more example of a small special interest group that believes they should dictate to the majority how this valuable State owned property should be used only for their personal enjoyment. The lawsuit is an attempt to derail the County’s recent resolution regarding entering into a new agreement with the DNR which could authorize snowmobile use on the Stower Trail. It is more about delaying the updating of the Master Plan than it is about following any procedure. The Polk County Board has acted in good faith to follow all of the State’s requirements in its efforts to enhance Polk County Tourism.

For those opposed to changing any of the allowable uses on this particular trail, the longer they can prevent the Master Plan from being updated, the longer they will be able to keep this trail to themselves and the longer we will continue to neglect the economic potential of this as a shared use trail.

The opponents to snowmobile use on the Stower Seven Lakes State Trail are not only keeping snowmobilers from enjoying this State Trail for our short snowmobile season but they are also depriving local businesses of the positive economic activity enjoyed by the communities that support snowmobiling.

On the trail maintenance side of the equation, snowmobilers bring their own volunteers and pay for trail maintenance from a segregated fund established by the snowmobile community without any general tax dollars. When a trail is designated as part of our funded snowmobile trail system the managing County also uses those same segregated funds when performing maintenance on the trail. The administrative costs for managing the snowmobile grant at the County level are also borne by the snowmobile fund, as is the cost of law enforcement on the snowmobile trail.

It is evident that the snowmobile community pays its way through funding for our interconnected snowmobile trail system and a network of volunteers from over 600 snowmobile clubs in Wisconsin, 14 of them right here in Polk County.

Historically snowmobilers have contributed to the maintenance of many miles of State owned trails shared by different users. Currently there are 41 named State Trails in Wisconsin. All but 3 list snowmobiling as an authorized use. Snowmobilers are happy to share the trails and do our part to contribute to our communities.

Snowmobilers from those 14 Polk County snowmobile clubs support the efforts of our County Board to update the Master Plan for the Stower Seven Lakes State Trail and enhance this trail as a true economic generator for our communities.

Again, what is the issue, really?


Doug Johnson

Vice President Polk County Snowmobile/ATV Council

Snowmobile Representative Wisconsin Governor’s State Trails Council

Past President Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs

Past President Amery Snowmobile Club


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Trail heading out of Amery, Sweet