Trail Condition Report

Here in Polk county we decided to break up the county in to 4 zones ( zone map) the reason why is there are some time 

We have areas with good snow and in other areas we  don't  and or we have sensitive crop lands in these areas and if we have snowmobiles tearing up these crops we lose these trails !

Zone 1 = A  Closed 

Zone 2 = B  Closed  

Zone  3 = C  Closed 

Zone  4 =D  Closed 

                         Over all county report


UPDATE HIGH Priority!!  updated 2/28/2020

Polk county trails are now CLOSED

Corridor 10 ) D&N campgrounds bar north to 34 junction and to junction 29 closed this area will  be closed all season

Over all notes!  Any lake crossings are not consider safe which can lead to more dead ends choose your route carefully. I have heard reports of vehicles going thought ice heavy snow fall as insulated thin ice causing it not to thicken with these cold temps

Remember this is early season riding we are doing our best to get trails open but it going to take time!

Groomer tractors will be running day and night I am going to suggest that if you cannot see that a groomer has been on the trail I would avoid that trail for this first week?

Be patient! Remember if it not a marked trail your TRESPASSING!  Polk County sheriff patrol will be heavily out on snowmobiles this year and make sure you have trail passes and registration there are no more warnings! They are aware of the areas that people cut corners and make their own short cuts!

Please help us Spread the word! 

Tell all your trail riding buddies about this web site and send them a link to us or book mark us to stay up to date .

Be safe out there and enjoy the 2020 winter season while it last! 

We added Many new cameras this year some are going mobile and Live from the Groomer tractor cab We be uploading Live pictures of our trails system in Polk county keep checking back to see 


Give us Snow We are ready to Roll


Cattail Trail From Amery to Turtle lake

This Camera is sponsored 


Vapor blasting service 


95 th Street tap live trail camera Live web camera

The saw mill Trail between Turtle lake and Clear lake 

The Gandy Dancer trail Between St Criox Falls and Siren 

Random Camera  of Trails in Polk County

Contact us if your would like to be part of the trail camera network